I would like an account, how do we proceed?
By using one of the current means of communication (check the Contact page).
What we need from you is the name of the account you wish to establish, E-Mail is entirely optional but definately has its perks.

May I use the space just to store files?
Certainly! It's your space.

How do I connect to the FTP?
Set your client to connect to the host cluster.macintosh.garden and supply the username/password received either via E-Mail, IRC or Discord.

Same host for AFP?
Yes! You've got it, and make sure to supply your username & password.

Where do I put the files for my website?
Within you Home folder, you will need to create a folder named www, and within that folder you should place the files you want to be accessible via the web.

How do I reach my website?
Your website can be reached via:

Is there PHP / CGI / Database support?
Not at this time.

Can I use my domain?
Yes, though this requires some extra work and has a fee attached to it.

I updated my website but the contents are still the same?
Please give it some time, we are utilizing various means to cache your files as to deliver them faster.

Can I opt out of the User Directory list?
Of course! Create a file named optout within the www folder, and your name will vanish from the User Directory list.

Can my website contain [incredibly questionable content]?
If you feel that you need to ask, you probably shouldn't make it publicly available.

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