Information on the project
This particular project runs side by side with the Macintosh Garden, it's a free service and a small 'thank you' to the community, which has made the Garden into what it is today.

How is it that we can offer this service?
Instead of recycling old hardware when upgrades are made, they can be put to much better use, so here we are.

What kind of hardware does the service run on?
CPU: Intel i5-7400T 2.40GHz.
Memory: 8GB DDR4.
HDD: 120GB + 500GB /w external (daily) backup.

Why not host on vintage hardware?
While this test was conducted successfully with a small set of users, vintage hardware comes with limitations and requires more maintenance.

Unmetered transfer, how fast is it?
Uncapped gigabit in both directions, this may be subject to change in the future.

Phase 1
Basically just making sure the hardware is stable and can handle a load of visitors.
Limited accounts handed out.

Phase 2
Open for anyone and everyone, this is where we start working on the technology behind the services.

Final Phase
Service is considered stable and working. Monitoring the service, performing updates & maintenance.

Upgrade Phase 1
Newer and much faster server, serving files from SSD drives
Slight change in user space, down from 500MB to 100MB. This is where we are now.

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