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My PowerMac 6100 / 66

I got this little PowerMac 6100 / 66 a few years back for a real bargain price. It seems people don't give too much love to 1st generation PowerPC Macs nowadays.

Which is a bummer, because I love this pizza box shaped Mac. You just have to take it for what it is - the product of the transition from 68k to the PowerPC. Thanks to fogwraith I've since added an internal 4x Apple CD-ROM drive to it (some of these still came floppy only, imagine!) and extended the RAM to 72MB of RAM, which is just a perfect amount for running Mac OS 7.6.1. I personally find that one to be the perfect OS for it.

The hard disk drive was since replaced by a SCSI2SD v5, which is a great addition for this computer since it reduces both noise and heat in this case with its limited space.

I've used it extensively to play the two Warcrafts & Indiana Jones adventures, Maelstrom, Hellcats, F/A-18 Hornet, Super Wing Commander and other games on it, but have since mostly moved on to my 8600.

It also has GraphicConverter and BBEdit 4 installed and I've actually coded and designed on it. I also use a benchmark Mac testing performance of my websites or services on it as it makes a good average 90s Mac machine.

If you have limited space and funds, this is a great retro mac to get as they are really inexpensive, widely available and don't take much space on a desk. Just make sure it comes either with a graphics card or a video adapter that allows to plug it into a modern monitor.