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My Power Mac 8600 / 200

I got my PowerMac 8600 only in 2018, when a nice gentleman in Munich, Germany wanted to get rid of it. Obviously, he did some graphics design on it. (oh, you love going through old hard discs too, do you?)

I have since reverted the OS back from 9.1 to Mac OS 7.6.1 (which initially came on it) and fell in love with it since. It is an extremly fast and capable System 7 machine that can run basically every app from the era at full speed. And not only stuff like Photoshop, but also games like Descent or Marathon II too.

I've recently dug up our old family's camcorder from the late 90s and since the 8600 comes with the necessary ports on-board, I'm thinking of filming and creating a Quicktime video on it just for the fun of figuring out how it was done. This really was the machine to get in 1997 if you wanted to do "motion-video" :-)

As for upgrades, I have lifted the RAM from the stock 64 MB it had up to 272 MB RAM, which is really plenty for anything System 7 related. I still have the 2 MB VRAM modules onboard powering the graphics, but Knez has kindly given me a Radeon 7000 (64 MB) which should make the 8600 cry. (not installed yet though)

I had one of the VRAM modules failing on me in March 2019, which became apparent by display distortions but an otherwise working computer. Upon replacing it, everything else worked fine again.

Right now I'm thinking of getting a SCSI2SD v.6.1 to power it, since the 8600 still carries the stock 2 GB hard disk drive. Again, the clicking and spinning sounds makes me nostalgic. You can relate, can you?

One important thing to mention is my trusty old MouseStick II that I have connected to this machine, as it is my main machine for a game or two. Playing X-Wing or Starfleet Academy with a Joystick is just an amazing feeling.