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My Macintosh LC

My Macintosh LC is currently my only Mac in a non-operating state. It was the latest Mac I snatched up for 25 euros locally. Unfortunately it falls into the "used & abused" category. The whole case hasn't only the typical yellowing on it, but was also incredibly dirty after spending years in someone's basement.

That is not the only problem with it though, upon starting it up nothing happened. No chime, no nothing. Putting my ears closer to the machine revealed the typical "clicking sound" that so many Mac LC's echo nowadays. It comes from the power supply unit and usually means bad capacitors. A quick check revealing 0 volts on all pins of the psu confirmed the suspicion.

So right now looking into recapping the psu and possibly the whole logicboard too. (though, it really looks ok for now and I'm not a fan of recapping if I won't have to)

If I can get this one up, I intend to place it on the desk next to the Mac SE. I've got a soft spot for the LCs as they were the first Macintosh computers I've ever worked with (although that was a LC II). I went with the first model though, as there isn't much difference performance wise, but this model can still boot System 6, which makes it great for the combination of System 6 + color. There aren't too many Macs who can do that. Sure, I could have gotten a IIsi or IIci too, but they are hard to find here in central Europe.

I do not intend to actually do some serious work on this machine, but rather re-live my youth by playing classics such as Sim City, Super Solvers, Prince of Persia and others on it.

If you're looking for an inexpensive 68k Mac this a good choice for few bucks. Just be sure you (or someone you know) has the soldering skills to keep these ones alive, since they seem to fail with an alarming rate nowadays. (or have a stash of nos LC logicboards & power supplies)