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My Power Macintosh G4 MDD 2003

If you'd draw and point a gun on me, asking to give away all my Macs except one to keep, I'd vote for my MDD. It replaced my aging Quicksilver 733 Mhz and is de-facto my main machine. Once I get home from work in the evening and after saying hi to everyone and spending some time with the kids, I boot it up.

I've created it as a triple boot system running Mac OS 9.2.2, OSX 10.4.11 and Morph OS 3.9 - full version. I haven't spent too much time on MorphOS (or "MOS") lately but whenever I need a modern browser and TenFourFox can't do it, I boot up MOS.

About 90% of the time the MDD runs my beloved Mac OS 9.2.2 which I've become so enamored with over those years. Whether it's the simplicity, the customization or simply the familiarity, this is the OS I love to work with.

The machine has two IDE Hard drives (160 GB and 80 GB) in it and sports the max. 2 GB of RAM. As for graphics, it still has the Radeon 9000 with 64 MB in it and that is actually fine with me, since I do use OS9 mostly anyway.

Upgrade? I might add an SSD at one point, but I'm a bit put off by the fact that many SSDs nowadays don't work anymore and you've got to do some trial & error or spend hours reading up on forum threads. Hey, how about someone making a compatibility list?

So what do I do on this Macintosh that is ancient by modern standards?

Basically everything one would do with his computer. From coding to e-mailing (Classilla's built-in e-mail software works fine with gmail still!) to playing games. I've also been doing some movie editing lately (using Stratavision) and of course I'm contributing to the Mac Garden. Thanks to the Macintosh Garden jabber server, I'm also doing lots of ICQ & Facebook Chat on it using Jabbernaut, which is usually the first application I start after booting up.

I also use GraphicConverter for all my photo editing needs, which I have been a registered user of since 2000 something. Quicken 98 keeps track of the family's income & expenses and it's got a Kyocera FN-1370 postscript printer next to it, which I use for my printing needs. (haven't figured out how to do that in OS9 though, I have to reboot to OSX every time. Anyone can help?)

I hope on using my MDD for the years to come and even got a second one from a local classifieds, just in case some component of my MDD should eventually fail.

Ready for some action - my MDD just booted up:

desktop of my Power Mac G4 MDD