Huh... this page looks like crap....

This is so sad. Siri, play Despacito.

Oh... wait... Don't have an iDevice to do that with....

Oh well, yes I'm ThePuzzledboy. (putting this here if I ever get noticed lmao)

Right now as far as Macs go, I'm just running Mac OS 9.2.2 (and maybe OS X Tiger) within QEMU emulating PowerPC CPUs.

Y'all have no idea how hard it was to do this entire page on the OS9 VM itself. (Yes, really.) Fortunately TinyPic doesn't have SSL, so I can at least transfer pics back and forth. Hurrah!

Here's a log of all the updates I've made to the site.

For the sake of easiness, here's a list of my softwares: Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X

Screenshots of mah systems as of May 7, 2019:
OS9 in QEMU with the secret Finder about windowMac OS X Tiger in QEMU with... some changed settings... ;DClassilla displaying the Macintosh Garden cuz why notSonic the Comic 224 displayed on Internet Explorer 5 cuz retro