Current OSX Software List

Last updated: (the early morning of) May 26, 2019
Since I've already done the OS9 list, I'll make this simpler. Each software has links to appropriate Macintosh Garden entries. Names in bold are either recommended or essential. Italics mean it's the latest (available) version compatible with Tiger, the latest (available) version on the Garden, or the last/latest version period.

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Notes (extended ones, anyway)

    [1]Part of iLife '05, which I recommend on the whole. The link takes you to a collection of PPC-compatible iLife versions.
    [2]Unless you use iWork on newer version of OSX/macOS, I don't recommend it. If this is your first time with PPC OSX, I would rather recommend Microsoft Office 2004 or PPC. iWork is only in bold as an office suite is obviously an essential thing to have anyway.

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